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We are currently seeking help to feed, dress, provide medical care and education to children in the orphanage, this are our top priorities. In addition, there are other needs that must be resolved.

We have set ourselves the goal of building a new orphanage. The place where children currently live, is in poor conditions and hardly has the capacity to host the growing number of children living there right now. If we can provide them with a larger and more comfortable home, we will improve their living conditions, and we will be able to welcome more children.

At this time, we are immersed in the work of preparing the technical proposal of the first draft. We have already started it and our focus is to finish this draft at the end of March. With this finished, we will begin the tough task of looking for financing in the public administrations, private companies, associations, individuals… Then the outlining of the constructive project, and the rest will come.

For now, we leave you with the sketch of what we are preparing. If you have interested and are willing to collaborate with us, do not hesitate. Send us an email and we will get in touch with you. All the help we can receive will help us achieve this beautiful goal.

Frecuently Asked Questions

When will the orphanage be built?

We can not start the construction of the new Orphanage until all the funds have been collected.

On this page, we will go publishing the progress of the project , and the time remaining for its termination.

What happens to my money if the necessary amount can not be collected?

For each project we initiate, we will give ourselves a reasonable period of time to obtain the necessary funds to start it up. If at the end this term, the initial objective has not been achieved, we would consider the following options:

  • Allocate the funds raised for another  project.
  • Increase the funds collection period.
  • Allocate the funds raised to the monthly maintenance expenses of the Orphanage.
  • Return the funds collected to the donors.

Who makes the final decision on how to distribute the funds if the amount of money needed is not reached?

All persons or entities that are part of this project will be registered as collaborating partners and will actively participate in the decision making process. In this case, the decision on how to allocate all the funds raised would be taken among all those involved.

Can I recover my money if the project is not finally carried out?


All the people or entities that collaborate in the project will have the possibility of recovering their investment if it can not be finally carried out. You can request it once the proposed timeframe for its completion has passed. The money will be returned to the same account from which it was transferred to the organization.

How can i help?

Your help is important whatever it is. You can contribute money, in the amount you consider convenient. you can also collaborate with us helping us to spread the word of this project, or actively working in the construction of the orphanage.

If you have skills and you are more attracted to the experience of helping us with your work, your hands will also help us get it going. You can also provide construction materials, furniture, equipment, facilities, etc.





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