The Orphanage history


Child abuse, neglect and lack of protection are still in force in many African countries, where unfortunately, government institutions are overwhelmed and unable to solve it.

It is with this in mind that the association BABY LIFE RESCUE CENTER TRUST was created in 2010, as a CCI “registered charitable children institution”, with the aim of providing help, care and attention to abandoned children, providing them with a home where they can grow up in a safe environment, full of love and affection and at the base of our values.

Our children come from Mombasa, and each of them comes from a different environment. Many of them were abandoned in hospitals; some have lost their parents, or for countless reasons, they can not take care of them; others, simply, were left to their fate in public toilets, roads, landfills or in the streets.

Our job is to make sure that the foster children receive all the attention they need, give them food, education, health, and our goal is to help them overcome all their traumas and recover as soon as possible.


The values with which we try to develop our work are:

  • Integrity, to be honest and fair in our behavior.
  • Diligence, to try to be thorough and pay attention to all the details in our work.
  • Fidelity, to maintain trust in everyone else.
  • Excellence, constantly strive to improve the way we carry out our work.


Peter and Selpher Mutua has worked as missionaries for 13 and 16 tears respectively in “Youth with a Mission ( YWAM)”.

After that, they both helped to raise the asociation New Life Home Trust in Mombasa, where they both worked as administrators for a period of five years before the institution suspended their services.

Finally, in 2010, they created the BABY LIFE RESCUE CENTER TRUST institution, where they have been working ever since.