In March 2017, I traveled as a volunteer to a small orphanage in Mombasa. I had no experience, nor could I have imagined what I would end up finding.

During two intense weeks, I lived with thirteen wonderful children,  the staff of the orphanage, and with their two dedicated promoters, Peter and Selpher Mutua. During this time, short and intense, I discovered a reality that I had barely heard of in Spain. The drama of abandoned children, children forced to to survive on the streets without more support than their own hands. 
I lived with them, and I could see the enormous difficulties that African society has  facong this problem. This problem is of such magnitude, that a big portion of this new Kenyan generation is probably going to waste. According to official figures, 2.500,000 children have lost their parents, and even more of them, are now living on the streets of Kenya.When I returned to Spain, the idea was already spinning in my head, and it was grasping me with such intensity, that i could hardly stop thinking about it day after day.

And that’s how I decided to create this NGO. I looked for support, information, I spread my illusion to a handful of friends, and among all of us, we just launched  this idea: create from scratch this exciting project that we hope can be usefull to help them get ahead of this fast spreading problem in Kenya.

Our Objectives

The purpose of the NGO VOLUNTARIOS EN KENIA, is to actively collaborate with the Kenyatta BABY LIFE RESCUE CENTER association, with the following objectives:

  • Raise awareness in society of the urgent need to take part in the resolution of the problems of the developing world.
  • Dignify the work of all those who dedicate part of their lives to help the underprivileged.
  • Improve the living conditions of unprotected children in Kenya.
  • Provide the orphanage with financial means and aids that allow it to continue and extend its project.

Be a partner


We need your help to bring this project forward. Whatever your contribution is, it will help come us a little closer to our goals.

Be a member of VOLUNTARIOS EN KENIA, and in compliance with our commitments of honesty and transparency, you will receive monthly detailed information of all our movements, so that you can verify tin what we´ve destine your help.