Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya and  one of the main ports in East Africa.

In the North, you can find some of the most tourist areas of the city, the marine parks of Watamu, Malindi, and above all, the island of Lamu, which today remains one of the oldest settlements and better preserved Swahili culture.

In the South, the beaches are still tempting, deserted, endless and white, lined with palm trees and sometimes protected by coral reefs. You can find some hotels and areas destined to a sophisticated tourism, mainly in the zone of Diani.

But without a doubt, the best you can find  is to live the experience of a Safari. You can feel the pulse of wild Africa, either in the National Reserve of Shaba, in the Tsavo National Park, or even enjoy the incredible and prestigious Masai Mara Natural Reserve, located in the southwest of Kenya.

When talking about their cuisine, highlight that their restaurants live all kinds of food, but I advise you to let yourself immerse in the magic of traditional cuisine. Highlights fried sweet potato seasoned with spicy spices, and sweet honey accompanied by bitter coffee. Another possibility is the Arabic and Indian root dishes; curri, crepes sprinkled with sesame, smoked fish and seafood.

For your dayly travels, you can use buses and “mataus”. There is a regular service that runs along coastal roads. And for short distances, you will always find motorists willing to take you wherever you ask for.

Regarding citizen security, you should not wander through Mombasa at night. There are many pickpockets and drug trafficking. I recommend you pay attention to the advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country, reproduced in the section “CITIZEN SECURITY” of the general section to Kenya. But as always, the best security measure is to use common sense, and not to show off value things. Always remember that you travel to Africa, where the level of poverty is tremendously large.

I would like to be able to convey to you what it was for me to travel through Kenya, but I think it is impossible. Africa has its own personality, it is dynamic, sometimes sad, aggressive, strong, kind, surprising, different … If I had to describe it in a word, I would say that Africa is HEART.

I can assure you that immersing yourself in this solidary journey will not leave you indifferent.