Gabriela Pola (México)

I decided to make this trip of volunteering with my two daughters with the support of my husband. The reason was to have the opportunity to share my life with people of different cultures and beliefs, choosing Kenya, because Africa is the continent with the greatest poverty, malnutrition and diseases in the world.

However, I can say that in spite of these situations, where at every step I took the images were shocking and full of contrasts, I always found the strength to move forward, the attitude and love to enjoy and learn from this experience. I managed to make it fun moving around in a worn-out Tuk Tuk, (motorcycle taxi) through some of the unpaved streets of Mombasa, where we always met beautiful people.

But my heart stayed at Baby Life Rescue Center. My coexistence with these children, now my children, gave a 360º spin to my life.

We left Mexico full of excitement, blessings, clothes and toys that our beloved people donated, as well as financial aid that included the savings and incomes of a small sale of corn tortillas in a ranch organized by a young 20-year-old girl, I will never stop thanking them, because although the trip was made by my daughters and I, we managed to extend the hands and help of all these incredible people to Mombasa.

My most enriching life experience was to think that it was me who was going to help and change the lives of the people in the orphanage, however, the learning was given by them to me. Indeed, the deficiencies and diseases in which they live in are countless, but the energy, love, passion and happiness with which my children live, as well as the staff that cares for them, sensitized me to be much more grateful and to live intensely every breath of my life.

It was more than admirable to live with children so young. Without forgetting that they also have the qualities of any child of their age, they develop as mature, educated, organized and independent people, besides being immensely shared and loving among them, but with an enormous need for maternal love.

I never cease to get amazed day by day by the capacity they had to enjoy the simplest and little nourished food that they have at their disposal, compensating it with a lively dance and singing for having finished it. Always enjoying with joy the things that they have.

Their moments of prayer and gratitude, through the union of their warm hands with mine, songs and dances, was the most precious balsam of love and faith that my soul could receive every evening.

I fully agree with Sandra, founder of this project, that now my life is full and has made sense through what I am giving and contributing, to improve something in the life for those who have little.

Having shared only a few days of my life working and caring for them, receiving their hugs, their caresses, their smiles and the most honest and disinterested kisses from their heart, have already filled my being with blessings and emotions that I never imagined I would feel.

I live missing them at every step I take, but I close my eyes by putting them in prayer, knowing that there will be a home and a better tomorrow for each one of them. So be it……